About GoKrav

Welcome to GoKrav: Your One-Stop Shop at West Coast Martial Arts

Hey there! Welcome to GoKrav, the pride and joy of West Coast Martial Arts.

We're not just another online store; we're the heartbeat of the academy. Our philosophy?

Simple: pick it up at the academy. But hey, we get it, sometimes you just can't make it. So for those of you within the UK, we'll post your goodies for a teeny tiny delivery fee.

It's almost like we're delivering a piece of the academy to your doorstep!

Now, let's take a trip down memory lane. We launched this website not just because we could, but because we saw a need. A need for quality, durability, and a bit of pizzazz in martial arts gear.

The internet's a wild place, full of flashy products that promise the moon but deliver cheese.

Velcro that gives up faster than a newbie in a chokehold, printing that cracks and peels like a sunburnt tourist... we've seen it all.

But we said, "No more!" So, we rolled up our sleeves (literally) and started printing more items in-house.

Why? Because we're control freaks when it comes to quality. And guess what?

We fell head over heels for our own products. It's like making a pizza at home and realizing you're a culinary genius.

We're not just selling gear; we're offering a slice of our heart, a dash of our soul, and a sprinkle of our sense of humour. GoKrav isn't just a brand; it's a statement.

A statement that says, "Look good, feel good, and maybe throw in a roundhouse kick while you're at it."

So come on in, browse around, and be part of our quirky family. After all, we're not just selling martial arts gear; we're creating memories. And trust us, they're as durable as our velcro!