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Krav Maga Trousers (Unique Flex Material)

Krav Maga Combat Trousers.

Unique flex material
Double Lycra Stretch Gussett
Dynamic Stretch
Moisture Control, self wicking characteristics
Inside Gum shield pocket (please note it is not suitable for storing small pets, sweets, rubber knives or mobile phones... the hint is gum shield!" Elasticated waistband with wide drawstring

I love training in these trousers and you will too.

Size information:
Size 3 = Inside Leg 28"-29" Waist 31"-32"
Size 4 = Inside Leg 31"-32" Waist 33"-34"
Size 5 = Inside Leg 33"-34" Waist 35"-36"
Size 6 = Inside Leg 34"-35" Waist 37"-40"


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